Two companies of the HUTIRA brand enter the year 2022 with new the Directors. Mr. Hynek Faktor became the Executive Director of the HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. parent company. His position in the management of the company HUTIRA green gas s.r.o. will be taken by the new Director, Ms. Monika Zitterbartová. She has also been the Marketing and PR Director of the entire HUTIRA brand since 2022.

Mr. Hynek Faktor, who will be the new Executive Director of the HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. from January 2022, should strengthen the company’s executive processes. A great advantage is Hynek’s knowledge of the gas environment. He worked for many years in senior positions at a natural gas distribution company. The HUTIRA  BRNO s.r.o. will thus be able to develop new projects in the gas industry more efficiently, while he will continue to assist his colleagues at Hutira green gas s.r.o.,” Mr. Radek Kundrata, CEO of HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. The company will thus be effective in developing new projects in the water industry and especially making the green transition in gas sector. At the same time, this change will enable the company to consolidate its position as a reliable partner in these areas and to direct more of its activities towards long-term sustainability.

Ms. Monika Zitterbartová has been entrusted with the management of the HUTIRA green gas s.r.o., focusing mainly on complex solutions related to biomethane and new technologies. She has been working for the HUTIRA brand as the Marketing Director until now. From this year onwards, in addition to her position as the Director of the HUTIRA green gas s.r.o., she will also hold the position of the Director of Marketing and PR for the HUTIRA brand. “We believe that this synergy will allow us to more effectively promote our activities related to biomethane and will also strengthen our pro-export activities in this area, in both domestic and international markets. Another important step forward is our membership in the European Biomethane Association EBA. We signed up to the Biomethane Declaration together with other important players in our industry. However, we certainly don’t want to neglect other areas that the brand HUTIRA has been dedicated to for a long time,” Mr. Radek Kundrata, CEO of HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. added.

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