In early December, the Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Meeting took place in the Hungarian capital. The event followed three previous successful international Water Summits. Due to the current Hungarian V4 Presidency, the topic of water has been extended to include other elements of sustainability. The fair and the summit aimed to show the public, especially young people, the risks associated with adverse environmental, social and economic processes and to show that these negative changes are still reversible.

With regard to the key topic of water, the HUTIRA brand was able to present its solutions for water saving, comprehensive water management solutions, current problems concerning local drinking water sources and R&D in the field of treatment of problematic wastewater at a separate stand. In addition, there was space to present HUTIRA’s activities in the gas industry. The fair was attended by the Executive Director of HUTIRA – VISION Petr Hajný, as well as Michal Vala representing HUTIRA – BRNO. One of the most important guests who visited our stand was the Hungarian President János Áder.

“Planet Budapest has introduced a number of professional exhibitors from the Visegrad countries who, with their technological development, innovative products and services, can help turn sustainability around. In addition, the event offered spectacular, entertaining and informative programs that provided a comprehensive picture of nature, our way of life, the processes around us and offered tangible solutions for everyday sustainable life” summed up the event Petr Hajný, the Executive Director of HUTIRA – VISION