Reconstruction of the regulation lines for the gas boiler facility with Qmax of 1600m3/hour

During a routine on-site check, the service staff of HUTIRA Slovakia s.r.o. Company found an obsolete regulator and slam shut valve with incorrect installation of the ventilation duct. As such, this setup did not comply with the corresponding technical standards.

After initial inspection, a new gas regulation line was assembled in the HUTIRA Slovakia production facilities. After the end of the main heating season, the devices were installed on site. The Tartarini MN regulator (MBN type including a gas pressure regulator with integrated slam shut valve) was chosen for the project. For further protection, the outlet pressure was secured by a Tartarini V / 51 safety valve.

During the installation, the entire gas regulation line (regulator + slam shut valve) was replaced and a new safety valve ventilation route was constructed. After final painting work, the boiler facility was re-commissioned on the very same day.

Technical parameters of the gas regulation line:

Inlet pressure / dimensions: 100 kPa / DN100

Outlet pressure / dimensions: 20 kPa / DN200

Flow rate: 1600 Nm3/h

Regulator: Tartarini MBN 65/100 ANSI 150 with integrated slam shut valve

Safety valve: Tartarini V / 51

Installation time on-site: approx. 8 hours

The photos show original condition and the new installation of the gas regulator line.

Before reconstruction

After reconstruction