A laundry company from South Moravia sought a special solution: they needed to remove coarse particles and methane from heavily polluted and turbid water.

The HUTIRA – VISION prepared a complete solution.

We installed a soft-start pump in the source borehole to prevent pressure peaks and introduction of sediment into the borehole during operation. Next step is UV radiation disinfection. This method exposes water to high-frequency energy rays and destroys cellular DNA of pathogenic organisms. Coarse particles are removed using filters. This included turbidity, iron, heavy metals and various toxins. The filter absorbs undesired radioactivity, breaks down nitrogen components (ammonium, nitrites, and nitrates) and removes chlorine from water. The water pH is adjusted to neutral level as well.

Gaseous components including methane are removed using a proprietary aeration device, which is used to ventilate unwanted substances, oxygenate water and remove unwanted gases. In this stage, carbon dioxide, radon, methane and volatile organic compounds are removed from the water.

Based on customer requirements and source water parameters, our team designed, manufactured and installed the entire pretreatment facility. In addition, we trained the pretreatment plant operator and supplied technical documentation including a user manual. And last but not least: the contract includes 24-7 emergency support and warranty/post-warranty service.

Are you facing problems with the incoming water quality? Does your water contain too high concentration of undesirable substances? HUTIRA – VISION treatment plants can effectively remove/adjust micro pollutants, micro plastics, organic substances, turbidity, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, water hardness, nitrates, pesticides, and heavy metals. The process is able to adjust color, taste, odors and pH, too.

Feel free to contact us ( Based on water analysis results, we will choose a suitable solution. Initial field tests with mobile equipment are available on request.