HUTIRA s.r.o. has been representing EMERSON on the Czech market for almost 30 years in the field of supply of control technology for natural gas.

On 25 and 26 October 2023, our company was visited by the Regional Sales Manager for Europe, Mr. Florin Albu from the Gas Pressure Control Division, who will be the new representative of our company for natural gas at Emerson, replacing the current representative in this position, Tomáš Haňkovský. The reason for his visit was to discuss the coordination of cooperation between our companies in our international activities, to share his insights with us on the specific needs of foreign markets and the possibilities of applying our supplies.

Florin Albu, accompanied by Tomáš Haňkovský, got acquainted with the activities of our company, with its main representatives and managers. During his visit to the Popuvki headquarters, he was able to assess the just completed production of the control station, to see the injection unit and also to evaluate the production line for the B NG regulators, which were originally manufactured at Emerson’s production plant in Cluj, Romania. He concluded his short visit with a stop at our Prague office where he and Tomas Stone, Head of New Technology and Product Development, discussed specific projects to supply technologies suitable for the distribution of 20% hydrogen/natural gas blend or 100% hydrogen.

We are pleased that the gas industry is still a very important segment for Emerson, that it continues to deliver, develop and test new products and that it is able to respond flexibly to the current dynamic developments in the gas industry. We have been applying Emerson’s experience for many years, we continue to do so in the current “biomethane” era and we will certainly continue to do so in the coming “hydrogen” era.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tomáš Haňkovský for his excellent cooperation and support for almost 30 years and wish him every success in his future with Emerson. We also wish Florin to continue our successful cooperation, the bar of which Tomas has set very high both in terms of work and friendship.