At the beginning of the year, an interesting contract was added to the portfolio of HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. The company will design and manufacture stainless steel skids for a German client. This is an exceptional and specific order of equipment that will be used to heat and cool the liquid medium in the production line.

Orders like this are always preceded by a 3D model of the planned equipment and its clear visualisation. Based on the spatial and technological requirements of the customer, HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. created 3D models of individual skids, followed by their complete production documentation.

After the approval of the documentation, the complete production followed in the production hall of HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. The order includes pumps, plate heat exchangers, three-way mixing valves and sensors to measure flow, pressure and temperature. All pipe parts and frames are made of stainless steel.

This is a significant specific industrial contract and proof that our company can not only to compete in terms of technology, but also in terms of personnel,” said Hynek Faktor, Executive Director of HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o.