The quality and technical level of our company HUTIRA – BRNO has been verified by two independent recertification audits The first of these falls within the scope of ISO 3834-2 regarding Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. The second one certifies compliance with the requirements set out in TPG 923 01:2015 as specified in the CP R2/V certification program.


Before the end of the year, HUTIRA – BRNO successfully extended its certificates for the gas sector. The first certificate regarding the welding process in the manufacture, installation, refurbishment, repair and maintenance of gas pressure reducing and increasing equipment, gas distribution and equipment for the production and treatment of gaseous fuels was issued by QUALIFORM.


The Organization for the Performance of Joint Activities in the Gas Industry of the Czech Republic certifies HUTIRA – BRNO can manufacture, install, refurbish, repair, maintain and commission new gas regulation stations.


All our certificates prove that HUTIRA – BRNO always ensures the quality of its services and products by following internationally standardized procedures.