Hutira at the Water Management Infrastructure Restoration Conference

In September, the fifth year of the Water Management Infrastructure Restoration Conference was held in Myslivna Hotel in Brno. The event was dedicated to reconstruction of water management facilities and pipeline systems, planning methods, utility status diagnostics, project funding options, and corresponding legal aspects. Further topics included government regulations for water management, water supply issues, symbiosis of green and technical infrastructure in cities, current standards for gray waters, and detection of pollutants/viruses in wastewater.

Among other experts, our executive director Petr Hajny gave a lecture dedicated to available water management solutions for villages. This applies especially to villages that are not connected to the central water supply system and face shortage or insufficient quality of drinking water. Among other measures, Mr. Hajny presented possible assistance in renewal/intensification of existing water supply technologies. The HUTIRA – VISION Company offers the lease of mobile Crystal Clear Water treatment plants. They can be used as alternative treatment plants during the reconstruction of existing facilities. As a result, the supply of drinking water will not be interrupted. The technology for water treatment is placed in a mobile container that is provided including transportation, and operator training.

Mr. Hajny presented our solutions for the following scenarios: low quality of incoming water, loss of source water, and corrupt connection to the water distribution network.

At the end of the lecture, he also presented reference projects including many villages and towns that needed to provide their people with quality drinking water. It is worth nothing that municipalities can use subsidy programs to finance our projects. HUTIRA – VISION provides complete solutions. For more information, go to

For those who could not attend the event, a video of the lecture was recorded. Currently, we are negotiating with the event organizer the way of bringing it online for you. We will keep you informed. Even under imposed government restrictions, the operation of our company runs as usual, so feel free to contact us with your requirements: