Czech companies are increasingly interested in water-saving solutions. The reason is not only higher energy prices, but also subsidies. Companies welcome both measures directly related to water and those related to energy, such as the efficient use of waste heat. Some also have water audit prepared. It was a condition for obtaining a financial subsidy in the past and it is likely to be the same this year.


According to Petr Hajný, head of HUTIRA’s water management division, companies are looking for ways to save money on their operations. In addition to energy expenditure, they also focus on water conservation. “The reason is not only the unprecedentedly high energy prices, but also the new possibilities of subsidies for the implementation of such measures,” explains Mr Hajný.

Water audit as a prerequisite for subsidies


A water audit assesses a company’s water infrastructure, water usage and stormwater or wastewater management. Last year, it was a necessary condition for companies to apply for subsidies from the National Recovery Plan. “There are indications that the National Recovery Plan grant call for the Business Water Conservation Programme could be reissued this year. In the second half of the year, calls are to be initiated in the Operational Program Technologies and Application for Competitiveness to support activities for more efficient management of resources, including water,” says Mr Hajný. He points out that it is highly likely that the grant application will again have to be subject to a water audit.


Companies can use waste heat and collect rainwater


The audit always includes, among other things, suggestions for measures the company can take to make its water management more efficient. In 2022, at least one of two conditions had to be met in order to receive a subsidy for such projects. The suggestion was to either reduce annual water consumption by 5 per cent or provide a saving of 100 cubic metres of water per year.


The options for managing water more efficiently are varied. Businesses can start saving with simple solutions such as collecting rainwater, installing water-saving features in basins or financially incentivising employees to save water.


But there are also more sophisticated solutions. “Recently, there has been interest in measures that are not only related to water, but also to energy, such as waste heat recovery. This can be used to reduce the energy consumption of wastewater treatment or recycling,” adds Mr Hajný.

Request an audit in time


According to the head of HUTIRA’s water division, companies should prepare for audits in the calmer period. Due to its complexity, it can take up to a month to complete. Companies can therefore be prepared for the subsidy call in time.


A company-specific audit always assesses, for example, the age of the water management infrastructure, the amount of water in and out, how water and wastewater are used, how rainwater is handled, and how the company is secured against drought and flood risks.


Our company has long experience in designing and implementing solutions for more efficient water management and we will be happy to prepare an audit for you.