It is not often that German companies, famous for their meticulousness and consistency, commission someone east of them for top service work. Prejudices are still widespread. However, they made an exception in the case of HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. and it paid off handsomely.

SaarGummi technologies International GmbH purchased from us and installed the A/149 controller on its cogeneration unit.

However, the correct setting of the controller, its commissioning and ensuring trouble-free operation must be performed by a professional company, which also ensures a valid warranty. And this is where our service staff came in and performed all the necessary tasks. The reward was another satisfied customer and a very valuable experience from the environment of a first-class German factory. For HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o., this is another proof that a good reputation in the industry can be acquired through honest and long-term work.


Another job was closer to home this time. The company SILASFALT, s.r.o. in Pohořelice is engaged in the production of asphalt mixtures for road construction. Production takes place in batch asphalt plants with automatic production process control.

This year in February, our service engineers remanufactured the FL/025 controller (it was a monitor controller), which has been in operation since 2007 and still served well. Since SILASFALT, s.r.o., Smolín strives, just like our company, to reduce the environmental burden of the surroundings, we also provide some interesting information about the local production.

It is a completely modern asphalt plant with very good technological equipment. The plant is very environmentally friendly and has low operating costs. As the first asphalt plant of SILASFALT, it also has an electrically heated bitumen handling system, which results in up to half the operating costs compared to standard indirect heating.

The asphalt plant is equipped with separating filters, which guarantee minimal dustiness during the production of asphalt mixtures. The condition of the separating filters is continuously monitored and assessed by the control system of the asphalt plant. A further reduction of the environmental burden of the surroundings is ensured by the extraction of dust from the hot aggregate mixing and the extraction of fumes from the mixer back through the burner of the drum dryer.

Do you also need to ensure reliable and safe operation of your gas equipment? Our service engineers in Popůvky, Prague, Přelouč and now also in Karlovy Vary are at your disposal.

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