At the beginning of March, the International Conference on Water Management VODA ZLÍN 2022 was held in Zlín on the occasion of the upcoming World Water Day. Our experts from ATJ special were there as both exhibitors and speakers. The conference was enriched by an expert contribution devoted to the application of diaphragm control valves.

The International Conference on Water Management VODA ZLÍN 2022 took place in Zlín on 10 and 11 March. A number of expert speeches on current trends, interesting solutions and new technologies in the field of water management were given there.

ATJ special, which has been part of the HUTIRA Group for more than a year, was also represented at the conference. Dana Psotová, Marek Sýkora and Jiří Ševčík took part in the event on behalf of the company. It was Jiří Ševčík who presented his expert commentary on the topic of Application of CLA-VAL diaphragm control valves at water tanks and their main benefits for operators.

“The main purpose of the presentation was to clarify and classify the scope of use of a wide range of diaphragm control valves at the inlet or outlet of different types of water tanks. At the same time, case studies from various sites were presented, showing the benefits of using CLA-VAL valves for the operator and property experience,” explained Jiří Ševčík.

Representatives of ATJ special participated in the conference for two whole days also as exhibitors. “We managed not only to establish interesting contacts, but also to broaden our professional knowledge with a number of interesting findings from our field,” said Jiří Ševčík.

ATJ special offers a complete range of waterworks supply not only for large companies, but also for individual users. Owners of family houses or cottages will appreciate, for example, small water meter pits without the need for operator input. The pits themselves take up minimal space and save installation costs.

Another water industry domain of the HUTIRA Group is water treatment plants manufactured by HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o. Larger mobile treatment plants are used, for example, in cities and towns with poorer quality and lack of drinking water, especially during crisis situations. Smaller treatment plants can, on the other hand, be used in cottages, where they reliably treat well water from excessive concentrations of unwanted substances.

In addition to these solutions, HUTIRA – VISION manufactures and supplies process water treatment plants and develops new innovative technologies for the treatment and recycling of problematic wastewater. “We are very intensively focused on reducing the energy consumption of these processes and entire industrial plants,” said Petr Hajný, Director of HUTIRA – VISION.