Pre-treatment of raw biogas, up-grading of biogas to biomethane and subsequent injection of biomethane in the quality of natural gas into the gas network, implementation of CNG, VTL and STL pipelines. These are the technologies we supply to our customers who choose to produce this alternative source of natural gas.

Biomethane will play a key role in the transition to green energy. So we have a lot of work to do in the next seven years. The government’s target is for 500 million cubic metres of biomethane per year in 2030, and the European directive calls for domestic production to rise to 700 million cubic metres. We are pleased that we are playing an important role in the development of biomethane production. Biomethane is an energy source with a very low carbon footprint and will contribute significantly to reducing emissions, especially in the transport sector,” said Radek Kundrata, Managing Director of HUTIRA green gas.


By implementing projects we are going towards achieving these goals. A year ago, we commissioned the first agricultural waste biomethane station ZDCHP Litomyšl, followed by a biomethane production project within the premises of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Prague on Císařský ostrov, which in September this year already injected the first cubic meters of biomethane into the network. The installation of a biomethane quality and quantity measurement unit for the general contractor AgriKomp Bohemia s.r.o. is currently underway at the Rakvice BPS.


For this new biomethane station on the premises of the biogas plant in Rakvice, we supplied a container for measuring, analysis and injection of biomethane into the high-pressure gas pipeline. The production and assembly of the unit took place at the company’s headquarters in Popůvky, and top-quality measurement and analysis components from EMERSON were used for production. Delivery to site and installation followed. The unit is thus another step for our company and a contribution to the greening of the gas industry. The capacity of the unit is 114 Nm3 /h of biomethane, and the biomethane here is produced only from advanced fuels (manure, waste). For this project, the customer has solved the construction of a VTL gas pipeline at a distance of 650 m. According to the investor’s representative Ing. Ondřej Frič, for the BPS, which has been in operation since 2013, diversification of production in the form of a combination of electricity, heat and biomethane is almost the only way to get the project into positive numbers. With the current electricity support and without CHP support for 2024, we would seriously consider reducing or even stopping production. Biomethane is therefore the logical path.

“Another advantage of using this source is that, unlike traditional energy, where the construction of a new nuclear unit takes a decade, a biomethane plant can be commissioned in a year, or at most a year and a half. We can thus increase domestic biomethane production in incomparably less time. The biomethane route was a strategic decision for us almost four years ago, building on our extensive gas experience. Today we know that the decision was the right one. We are currently working on other projects that are in the production phase and should be delivered within the next year. Dozens of other projects not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia are in the pipeline. “Concludes Monika Zitterbartová, Managing Director of HUTIRA green gas.