As part of our cooperation with the Partnership Foundation, we welcomed representatives of Ukrainian communities. For the third time, another group of interns from Ukraine visited our company in Popůvky.

Fourteen representatives of local governments came to South Moravia for a week-long inspirational internship organized by the Partnership Foundation. Petr Hajný, Director of the VODA – Water Treatment Technologies and Water Management Division, took on the role of our company’s guide this time and subsequently represented us at the follow-up meeting with the trainees at the Regional Office of the South Moravian Region in Brno.

The main topics discussed at the roundtable were waste management and water management. Together with other representatives from the water sector of the South Moravian Region, we discussed with the trainees the biggest problems they have to solve and how we could help them.


Representatives from all corners of Ukraine, including those whose regions are directly affected by the war, participated in the internship. However, not only the reconstruction of war-damaged infrastructure, but a comprehensive solution to waste management and modernisation of water infrastructure is, according to the participants, a major task for the whole of Ukraine. In these areas, they would very much like to draw on the experience of the Czech Republic and would like to use the technologies offered by Czech companies. At the meeting, each of the companies briefly presented their possibilities and then there was a lively discussion on specific topics raised by the individual trainees.


It is always a great pleasure to welcome interesting partners from abroad and we believe that thanks to these meetings we can help future cooperation between Czech and Ukrainian companies in the fields of waste management, gas and water.