As part of the project to double the capacity of the high-pressure control station in Chrudim, we successfully completed the reconstruction of two key control lines.

During the modernization process, we removed obsolete gas filters, quick shut-off valves and regulators manufactured in 1977. Instead, we have now equipped the control station with high-quality, modern valves from the renowned manufacturer TARTARINI.

Each of the control series now features the BM5/040 ANSI 300 safety quick release valve and the BFL/040×150-SRS ANSI 300 gas pressure regulator. These new devices are equipped with an extended outlet flange (DN150) and SRS silencer.

Operating parameters of the new control station after reconstruction:

  • Input pressure                     1,7 až 2,5 MPa
  • Output pressure                  100 kPa
  • Maximum flow                     6 500 Nm3/h

The modernization of the control station thus ensures reliable and efficient operation for the customer.