Dear business partners,

We would like to inform you about the situation and measures we have taken in our company HUTIRA – BRNO in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect the health of us all as much as possible, we are asking our suppliers, customers and co-workers to cooperate as stated below.

First thing first – operation of HUTIRA – BRNO has not stopped. We are still available to provide our service. However, several modified conditions apply now:

  • Business/consulting activities are provided as usual with our employees being available during working hours. Some employees use the home office with small teams supporting operation of the department at their workplace. The only change is the cancellation of personal meetings. Please, use phone or online communication instead.
  • The warehouse is open. We have taken appropriate measures to ensure sufficient stock levels. This applies both to possible outages of subcontractors and the upcoming season. Note that loading/unloading procedures run in limited mode to minimize contact between our employees and customers. If possible, consider use of courier parcel delivery services. Personal protection equipment (drapes) should be used all the time.
  • The production is running. Our employees are supplied with protective equipment at their workplaces. Thus, their health is not at risk and we are able to provide the customers with the products they need.
  • The service desk is available. Our service personnel are available; we also have sufficient number of spare parts. Servicing/overhaul of regulators is carried out in our workshops. In the case of emergency, we are able to visit the installation site. Emergency situations are being solved! We have internal guidelines for our employees to handle urgent situations that require expert supervision. Please support them in their efforts as much as possible. Currently, we have canceled preventive inspections and other non-urgent interventions.

We follow the pandemic development very closely. If necessary, we will adjust the measures to reflect current situation. Be sure to follow information updates on our corporate website.

We have found ourselves in a situation that no one could have ever expected. However, if we remain responsible and reasonable, we will surely prevail in the end. We will be very pleased if any of our measures inspire you and you introduce them in your company. Together this all will contribute to faster recovery from the pandemic.

Thank you for your help and support in this difficult time.