Bisnode: AAA Rating for HUTIRA – BRNO CompanyActive in 19 European countries, Bisnode is a provider of high-quality business, economic and market information concerning corporations and entrepreneurs. Through its solutions, Bisnode helps companies to increase sales, minimize business risks and make the right business decisions. Strict evaluation criteria guarantee the exclusivity of listed companies and underline their strong position in the market.

The “Register of Solvent Companies” includes TOP businesses in the Czech Republic. After meeting strict conditions, our company was again successfully certified in the Bisnode Register of Solvent Companies. We hold the highest possible rating of AAA. We are happy to belong to the exclusive pool of Czech companies that are characterized by being serious, decent and financially strong.

What does the AAA rating mean for our suppliers and why are our partners so happy to work with us?

· Extremely stable company with minimal risk of bankruptcy (12-month probability 0.06%)
· Bisnode credit limit of 19 million CZK
· Excellent payment history, as we always pay invoices on time

Our priority is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers – under all circumstances.